Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kejohan Sukan Antara Program UiTM Sarawak 2009

Salam kepada semua warga INFORMS,

Seperti yang sedia maklum, Kampus UiTM Kota Samarahan Sarawak telah mengadakan Kejohanan Sukan Antara Program UiTM Sarawak 2009. Terdapat beberapa acara yang telah di pertandingkan di mana semua fakulti telah mengambil bahagian dalam acara yang dipertandingkan. Fakulti Pengurusan Maklumat juga tidak ketinggalan dalam menjayakan aktiviti yang telah dianjurkan. Fakulti telah menghantar wakil bagi pertandingan Bola Jaring, Bola Tampar, Badminton, Futsal dan juga Tenpin Boling.

Bagi pertandingan Bola Jaring, pertandingan telah diadakan seperti perkara berikut:
Tarikh : 28/02/09 (Sabtu) hingga 01/03/09 (Ahad)
Masa : 8:00pg - 7:00ptg
Tempat : UiTM /Kompleks Sukan
Keputusan bagi pertandingan ini, peserta telah berjaya mara ke peringkat suku akhir. Pengarang percaya peserta telah menunjukkan semangat yang kental, namun rezeki tidak berpihak kepada peserta INFORMS.

Bagi acara Bola Tampar, pertandingan telah diadakan seperti perkara berikut:
Tarikh : 28/02/09 (Sabtu) hingga 01/03/09 (Ahad)
Masa : 8:00pg - 7:00ptg
Tempat : UiTM /Kompleks Sukan
Keputusannya, peserta perempuan berjaya meraih pingat Gangsa manakala peserta lelaki sekadar di tempat ke - 4

Bagi acara Badminton pula, pertandingan telah diadakan seperti berikut:
Tarikh : 07/03/09 (Sabtu) hingga 08/03/09 (Ahad)
Masa : 8:00pg - 7:00ptg
Tempat : UiTM /Dewan Jubli
Keputusan, Jerry ak Jik dari semester 3 berjaya mendapat perak

Bagi acara Futsal, pertandingan telah diadakan seperti berikut:
Tarikh : 14/03/09 (Sabtu) hingga 15/03/09 (Ahad)
Masa : 8:00pg - 7:00ptg
Tempat : Golden Hawk, Kota Samarahan
Keputusannya, peserta perempuan berjaya meraih pingat Emas manakala peserta lelaki sekadar di tempat ke - 4. Tahniah kepada pemenang.

Akhir sekali, bagi acara Tenpin Boling, pertandingan telah diadakan seperti perkara berikut:
Tarikh : 14/03/09 (Sabtu) hingga 15/03/09 (Ahad)
Masa : 8:00pg - 7:00ptg
Tempat : Golden Hawk, Kota Samarahan
Keputusan bagi acara ini di mana peserta lelaki telah berjaya meraih Gangsa. Berikut adalah antara gambar-gambar semasa pertandingan diadakan:

Gambar semasa Pertandingan Bola Tampar

Suasana ketika Pertandingan Tenpin Boling

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The True Story by Habee Bullah Affandy, Recipient of the ANC award

ANC, the award that I know every student want to have. Some of us might think that this course, IS110 is nothing compared to other courses like engineering or medical. Some might see that even though we succeed, it doesn’t mean a thing cause people always say that it’s easy. Well to those people, let them join this course and see whether they can pass with flying colors or not. To those that might think that this course doesn’t promise u a good future then you’re wrong. Rests assure my friends, as long as u guys do well, there are tons of opportunities out there for us. In degree u will see it more clearly.

Well that’s that. Here I would like to share with you what helped me to get that ANC. Before that even though that some of you did not manage to get that dean’s list for certain semester, well that does not mean you are not doing well. Give everything you got in studying and you’ll be fine if you have good result. Well back to the main point, here are some tips that might help.

First, never ever make any lecturers dislike you. This doesn’t mean you have to be suck ups or teachers pet. I really hate those people, hahaha. Just show them respect and do all the assignments asked. Don’t simply do it just to finish things up. Put your passion into it even though it’s boring. Trust me I know there are assignments that are boring.

Second, have friends. Not just those in your group but the other groups and other courses as well. These friends will be your support if you have problems. Even though you have much better result than them, don’t let your ego stop you from asking anything you don’t know from them. Don’t ever let friends hate you. Be humble. Help them if you can.

Third, this course requires lots of memorizing. The best time to memorize is at 5 am to 7 pm. Most of the time I just memorize from 5am till 6.30am though cause its really hard to resist the temptation of my bed.hehehe.but if u can forward till 7.

Fourth, concentrate in class. To be good, it doesn’t mean you have to be a bookworm or a nerd. Just focus in class and understand what you are learning. Don’t be shy to ask in class if you don’t understand cause it would be stupid to do so. Who cares what people say about you. The important thing is you understand.

Fifth I don’t know if this works for you but I never studied in the library. Why? Cause I keep seeing other people and I cant concentrate. Better to study in my room.

Sixth, have fun. Enjoy yourself. Play sports for boys or just go shopping for girls. This helps you to release stress. Trust me I know there are lots of pressures being a student. Do anything that makes you happy. The one legal though. That’s why you can see me more on the futsal court rather than the library.

Seventh, to those that are madly in love with someone, make sure that person is supportive and cares about you. He or she should be understanding in the things you do. If she or he is not someone like that, just go and find another. They are not worth it.

Eight, be strong mentally. Even though there are many difficult challenges that came to you, be patient and don’t simply give up. Proof to people you are not weak. You might face back stabbing friends or problems that just make you sick. But, keep on being strong. Face everything with a smile.

Nine, music. If I just had enough or there’s just to much to take, I listen to some music. Whatever music that you like. Sing a long if u want. Beside, one way to improve your language especially English is through songs. So sing your lungs out.

Well that is much about it. To those people that really help me to achieve the ANC I really appreciate all of you. My family, my lecturers, Sir Bakri, Sir Zaffian, Mdm. Suriani, Mdm. Imelia, Mdm.Sabariah, Sir Sharin, Sir Rafiz, Sir. Ismail, Ms. Favilla, Ms. Zainon, Mdm.Hannan, Ms. Suhaida and Mdm Norlida. My friends the one I love. Without these people, it’s impossible for me to achieve the ANC. A million thanks for all the people.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Background of Information Management Association (INFORMS)

Informs in brief

Persatuan Pengurusan Maklumat or known as INFORMS is one of the registered student association in the Universiti Teknologi MARA Sarawak, Campus Samarahan under Faculty of Information Management. INFORMS was established in 5 August 2004 with Encik Mohd Zaffian Mohd Zawawi acts as a first INFORMS advisor. INFORMS are aimed to organize diverse student activities for the benefit of its members and in general learning communities of UiTM Sarawak. In order to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of every activity held, any activities planned across the semesters will need to be approved by the Department of Student Affair, UiTM Sarawak. Below are the main roles of the INFORMS:

1. To organize activities in parallel to the UiTM philosophy, vision, mission and objectives
2. To organize activities based on the INFORMS Constitution and goal
3. To nurture the teamwork spirit and high values of leaderships specifically to its members and in general learning communities of UiTM Sarawak
4. To perform strategic planning for any INFORMS activities
5. To measure and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the activities held

At the beginning of the establishment, INFORMS only consist of 63 members who also students of Diploma in Information Management. Below are the lists of former INFORMS advisors and presidents that arranged chronogically:

Former Advisors

1. Encik Mohd Zaffian bin Mohd Zawawi
2. Puan Imilia binti Ibrahim
3. Puan Sabariah binti Abd Samad
4. Encik Sharin bin Sulaiman
5. Encik Mohd Rafiz bin Salji (at present)

Former Presidents

1. Mohd Salihin bin Mohd Salleh
2. Mirzuandy bin Chuchu
3. Matahati binti Mahbol
4. Mohd Ghause bin Abdul Rahman
5. Bryan Simon anak Mukri (at present)

At this moment, there is no special room available for this association. Therefore, all the association’s work is done either in the Advisor or Program Coordinator office. Like other student associations in the UiTM Sarawak, INFORMS also has its own logo which specially designed by INFORMS members such as shown below:

Not forgetting, INFORMS also has its own motto which is “We Do It With Information” which has been registered on the INFORMS constitution. INFORMS also has its own blog that can be accessed at