Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Anugerah Naib Canselor 2012 IM110 - Dygku Nur Saumasyawal Bte Awgku Jaya

Name: Dygku Nur Saumasyawal Bte Awgku Jaya
Batch: July 2009, graduated in 2012
Currently taking Bachelor Degree in Records Management
Achievement during Diploma: Vice Chancellor Award, the Best Student Award (Programme), and the Best Student Award (Faculty)

For this entries, I would like to share with you things that I have and always practice as a student(In shaa Allah):

1. Niat/intention
It will be a waste of time if we just learn for the sake of learning. Don't just study to pursue a good job or a bigger salary,  but intend to succeed in this world and in the hereafter. With God willing you will be successful.

2. Have goals
By being students, we are motivated by goals represent in terms of career aspirations and life's desires. Goals will motivate a positive attitude and thinking, especially when you are feeling tired of being a student. It will be helpful if you set a target for every subject in every semester like A+ or A. This will push you to work harder instead of being lazy.

3. Never skip class
Always come to class so that you will not miss any lessons or important information from lecturers. Commitment to the class should be a high priority and exceeds other temptations.

4. Pray
No matter what is your belief, always pray to be successful in your studies. For Muslims,do not miss your 5x daily prayers and make Du'a. While everything is in God’s will,still we must make everything the best we can.

5. Responsible and active
You should be responsible for your own learning. Actively listen, think, question, and take notes that are understandable in class because no one else is going to do it for you. Active classroom participation will improve grades without increasing your study time. A short review of your notes while the material is still fresh on your mind will help you learn and memorize more. The more you learn then, the less you will have to learn later. Do not memorize all but memorize the key concepts. It will be easier to retain the information in your memory if you understand the concepts. Always share and discuss what you have learn with others. Talking about something with friends or classmates is not only good for checking whether or not you know something, it helps you to remember what you have learn.

6. Be good to others
Respect your lecturers and be good to your classmates. Maintaining a good relationship with others will help you not only in your studies but also when you are out of the classroom. Find good friends who are willing to help you in your studies and personal, and do not follow friends who brought you to wrong way.

7. Effort and time management
Effort is needed to meet demand of an assignments and to accomplish the task successfully. Make research and always refer to your lecturer to make sure you do the right thing. Do not procrastinate until the last minute and do not take assignments lightly because the marks determine your grades. Always submit a complete, concise and tidy work because marks are given for those criteria and most importantly, submit assignments on time. Also, do well for test and quizzes because they are will add to your carry marks later on. Different people have their own way of learning, therefore you should know who you are and find the best way to help you to study better.

And that all from me. I would like to thank to all my lecturers for making this happen, and not forgetting my friends and beloved family. Wishing all the best for juniors in FPM UiTM Sarawak. :)

Dygku Nur Saumasyawal
UiTM Puncak Perdana, Shah Alam.