Monday, January 21, 2013

Anugerah Naib Canselor 2010 & Graduan Terbaik Ijazah Sarjana Muda (Kepujian) Pengurusan Rekod

Assalamualaikum w.b.t & Salam Sejahtera…
This is a simple introduction about me. Given name is Matahati Mahbol. Born on 23rd Dec 1987 at Batu Pahat Johor. Have 3 siblings and me the only princess for En. Mahbol Polnama & Puan Siti Solosiah Paniran.  
Already become alumnus of Diploma in Information Management at UiTM Sarawak for almost 6 years. Back to Diploma time, I am not an excellent student. I've always dream to wear a “Chancellery Scarf” but it only kept as a dream. I am not success to complete Dean List every semester. But it not make me upset. We have a Degree Level right? Then I continue studying at UiTM Puncak Perdana taking Record Management minor in System Management in the year mid 2008 till mid 2010. During this period, I need to proof to myself that I make my dream come true. It was a great and beautiful moment when I been announced as the “GRADUAN TERBAIK PROGRAM”. Currently furthering my Master at University Technology Mara in Human Resource Development started with part time student and now already changes status to the full time student. I hope that I could finish this upcoming semester. Maybe it had been a question why I am not further in same course because IM course is already familiar to me. The simple answer I can give is the decision I made was depending towards time, place and situation on that time. BUT, even though it not in the same field anymore but IM always become as my fire starter in developing who I am today. Every experience and opportunity that I grab & learn during Diploma & Degree level becomes a priceless knowledge and maturing me in every action that I took.      
Back to business where I've been requested to share finger tips for achievement in academic. Every individuals have different way in achieving their target but usually all tips almost same to each other but not practical to all people. I’ve only have 3 things that I thought would be share to others. It just a simple tips, but hopefully really helpful to all readers.
1.    Attach to God & Religion
These become an important part in our life. This is called “BACK TO BASIC”. We have a stand about religion. Attach with it. Perform what religion says. Put aside a bad thing, and follow a good one. We have knowledge about it. Practice it. It will be simple if you follow and do it with sincerely.
 For Muslim: Recite surah Ar-Raad ayat 21 means:”Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum itu melainkan mereka mengubahnya sendiri.” We always listening and know about this sentence. So, what are you waiting for? You want a success; it will come to you as long you want to be success and make your dream come true. Additional tips for muslim, always “SELAWAT” when you are happy or sad also never leave 5 times prayer. If you have more strength does solat Dhuha, Tahajjud and Hajat.
If you have any problem, just talk to GOD. HE would listen to all your prayers. Make HIM as your BFF. HE never let you down.    
2.    Know who you are
We usually do SWOT for company as a requirement in assignment. Why not you did it for yourselves? Then you will know what yours strength, weak, opportunity and even your threat. These SWOT able to overcome all barriers in you and know your potential either in your academic or in your life. Read more motivational book in notifying your potential.
For example; you are a person who is really like to sleep. (I can’t deny because I also in the same type. J and it happened when, I really like my pillow, comforter and mattress.) PLEASE go to other place for studying purpose. Library is a best way to avoid you from sleeping at hostel or home. My advice, don’t go to crowded place such as McD, KFC, and other crowded place. In my experience, I feel only 5% what I read or understand become a knowledge for me. Another 95% I just love to see people come in and out, looking their dresses is it match or not and most important is chatting.  
Other example, know your most comfortable style in studying. Some people love to write down what they read. Some people love to do mind map. Some people love to teach others what they have been read. Some people love to do discussion. No matter what style that you use in studying, make sure it become efficient & effective. KINDLY know your style within first semester. Once you know the rhythm, you will maintain the consistency and improving from time to time. If you are in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or even in 6th semester it will never late to do the changes and know your style of study. “BETTER LATE THAN NEVER”.  
 3.    Find a comfortable support
Who will support you when you fall down? Princess will always dream Prince charming will grab her when she falling down to ground. It same goes in your academic life. Find your prince charming. I have 3 princes charming. One is your PARENTS. Second is your LECTURER and third your FRIENDS.
PARENTS always become your back bone. Love them, they will allocate even more than a trillions love for you. Their supports become your strength for you to overcome all your barriers. Just a simple thinking, “BEFORE YOU DO SOMETHING, REMEMBER THEM” is it worth if I do like this? I’m not hurt their feeling with my action? What would I do to make them happy? All answer is within you. Every families have own secret, only you know what best for yourself and your family.
LECTURERS are second peoples after your parents in academic life. Without them, you are nothing in academic. Cling with RESPECT to them. For them “SHARING IS CARING” they never kept what they have. Ask for their advice and discuss how you want to improve your academic. They will there for you.
FRIENDS are your life. You will be alone without them. BUT please find a suitable friend that willing to supports you in academic and also your personal. Carefully choose your friends. Leave friends that brought you to a wrong way. A proverb said “FRIENDS REFLECTS WHO YOU ARE”. Friends is support you not only in one semester but for the whole 6 semester. Even though you have a problem with your friends, don’t make it a reason to decrease your performance in study. Thanks your roommate, classmate, course-mate for every single experience that you have.      
In the end, I want to say ALL THE BEST for all readers. And proof it that you can success. That only a simple finger tips that I can give to all of you. It is look simple, but it not simple to implement it. Maybe some of the readers said “you already through this journey, it easy for you but hard for me”. And my answer for that “I pass this journey because I know what I want and what I need to be success. So, why not you put aside negative thinking and just follow your rhythm. My time is not same as your time. We can’t make our time is similar. Every person have different difficulties. Just enjoy every laugh, tears, up and down as a students.” InsyaALLAH….
Lastly I leave you with a beautiful tree:
“Diri umpama POKOK… Bermula dari benih, bercambah menjadi pucuk, membesar menjadi pokok.. tapi POKOK apa yang ingin dibesarkan?? Benih yang perlu tentukan…”

Thank you for reading & ALL THE BEST for all my Junior FPM UiTM Sarawak.
With love: Matahati Mahbol

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