Thursday, January 17, 2013

FIM’s Excellent Graduate Awards IM222’s Best Sophomore & Alumni of UiTM Samarahan Campus, Sarawak Year 2012

Born on 25 September 1989 in Kuching, Sarawak, Mohammad Hafizzul Sulaiman is definitely a lively, talented and enthusiastic student of all time. He is the only son to Mr Sulaiman bin Morsidi and Mdm Horiah binti Narawi.

Breathing in a very modest life, this bright, young lad strives for excellent achievements in whatever errands he is responsible for. He had his early childhood education in KEMAS kindergarten when he was six. Later, he commenced his primary schooling in SK St. Joseph, Kuching, and pursued his secondary studies at SMK St. Joseph, Kuching. He passed his UPSR, PMR and SPM examinations with impressive results. Driven by his profound attentiveness in education, he committed to venture the new environment of university life and away from his family.

Mohammad Hafizzul was offered to undertake Diploma in Information Management at UiTM, Samarahan Campus in mid-2007. It was his dream to be there since most of his relatives graduated from the same university each year. Information Management programme is a new thing to him; thus, he worked so hard to master all of the courses offered and achieved good grades each semester. Diligently, he balances both academic matters and extra-curricular activities, mixing his sociability and charisma with his life-long fascination in Information studies. He always ahead to retain all knowledge he acquired for future benefits, and sidesteps the mind-set of exam-oriented learning. He completed his diploma with a decisive CGPA of 3.90 and received three exclusive awards; the Vice Chancellor Award, the Best Student Award (Programme), and the Best Student Award (Faculty).   

In mid-2010, Mohammad Hafizzul furthered his study in UiTM Puncak Perdana Campus, Shah Alam; majoring Bachelor of Science in Records Management (Honours) for a duration of two years. His great developed interests in Historical Research and Archival Science become the success factor to survive in this degree programme. Desirably, his tight schedule and extra responsibilities posed no inhibition to his well attaining academic excellence.
This busy fellow did manage his time well and able to be punctual for report submission even though his weekly schedule was extremely full. Skipping classes is not ethical to him since he enjoyed every single course in his study plan taught by his favourite lecturers; unless he had another commitment that is excusable from attending lectures.

Throughout his undergraduate study, Mohammad Hafizzul found that the key to splendid success is to excel both academic and non-academic accomplishments. He regularly attended and organized seminars and public events in relation to his specialization. His regular efforts in exposing and convincing the marketability of this degree programme are well-accepted by large parties. In fact, his contribution towards the faculty had honoured him a great credit, and later received the Faculty’s Best Student Awards during the FIM Pre-Graduation Night 2012. He, then, finally completed his degree studies with a final CGPA of 3.94 which grants him another glorious Vice Chancellor Award and two more honorary titles (Programme’s Best Graduate Award and FIM’s Whole Best Graduate Award) on his 77th Convocation Ceremony.

Besides academic excellence, Mohammad Hafizzul is an active student in sports, societies, and extraneous activities. He had been elected and held the post as the Head of Career Development Coordinator for the Integration of Records Community. For most corporate and leisure events, he would likely be invited as the Master of Ceremony, moderator, facilitator, even as the guest speaker. It is no doubt that his communication skills bloom his talent to speak to a large group of spectators confidently. Furthermore, relationship between colleagues, lecturers, and other parties is also maintained from time to time in order to gain recognition and multi-respect.

By setting his mind accomplishing both short-term and long-term goals in life, Mohammad Hafizzul had planned wisely for his future. This Public Service Department (JPA) sponsored student hopes to pursue his Master’s degree in the UK. To him, studying abroad creates exciting experiences and greater knowledge acquisitions. He promises himself to serve UiTM after his PhD as an academician and wishes that there will be more graduates, especially information professionals, with high competent level and quality traits are produced from this prestigious institution in the forthcoming years.
All in all, through his unremitting involvement and achievement, he declares that UiTM is the best place he ever been to and hopes his presence will remain a legend to be idolized by forthcoming undergraduates.  

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